Monday, December 21, 2009


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Ladies, Gents, Ballers, Hustla's, Party People and so on.... This year Cornbreadd will save Christmas! Apparently, Cornbreadd says he's got a special surprise that will make history! So if you know Cornbreadd then you know he's capable of pulling anything out of the bag. Haa.. This event is going to be a great way to socialize and swag brag to all your friends what you got for Christmas =) Adding to that, The Fucking Transmissions are going rock your socks off and leave you JAZZERCISED!

Still not convinced? Did I mention that Robert Hodge will have artwork displayed all around the venue? Here's a little snippet Fo' Yo' Viewing Pleaaaassuuuh.

One last time peeps.

The Date: Dec. 26th (This Saturday!!!)

The Time: 10p.m.

Requirements: Come As You Are, Smile and Have Fun! Life is Short, Live it Up!

See you there!!! Happy Holidays Good People!

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