Monday, December 21, 2009

The Cut Chemist Show (recap)

Article by: Black Mamba

Photo's by: Black Mamba & Sarah Shorty Renee

Video by: Black Mamba

Usually I would type up an introduction, but this time BBC is stepping up to the plate =) BBC, go in Homie!


It seems like every year around this time in H-Town we're blessed with some amazing shows. This year yet again marks another great moment.....The Cut Chemist show was a pretty damn brilliant setup at Warehouse Live. The setup consisted of 5 corners & , and in every corner was a DJ. Each DJ would take their turn and spin for 10-15 minutes or so and then on to the next. The first DJ to set it off was John Doe from Vegas.

John Doe's set consisted of a lot of Soul (ex: Areatha, James Brown and etc...) BBC had one heck of a job on his hands because he had to walk around to the next DJ each time they finished their short set. It seemed like he had taken 100 laps around the venue throughout the night because of all the moving around he was doing.

Next on deck was Brett Koshkin from The local H-Town night called "Dirty Honey". Koshkin stuck to more of the funk which was great because it added variety to the night. You ladies and gents be sure to check out "Dirty Honey" sometime. I'm going to post the links to each of these DJ's at the bottom of this article.

Now, when DJ Sun started to spin a big ROAR from the crowd came out of nowhere. He's most definitely respected and supported strongly in Houston by a lot of people. Sun's first song out the gate was "Tighten Up" by Archie Bell and The Drells and everyone went bonkers! Sun basically stayed on that same vibe throughout the whole night, and was favored by many.

Last but not least in the rotation was WORLDWIDE FAMOUS Hip-Hip producer "The Are". Fam, you're going to be disgruntled about this one...Somehow I didn't capture any video footage of "The Are"... I know, I know, you're probably thinking to yourself, How? I guess you can blame it on the FREE DRANKS! It's no excuse, but I'm using it this time. Tee Hee =) On the brighter side of things I did capture some nice images of him.

As Warehouse Live became more and more packed, people really were starting to get their party on. The beautiful thing is there was actually an equal amount of men and women in the area =) No one likes a sausage party...Haaaa.... I love it when EVERYONE actually dances instead of holding up the wall. We gettin' there H-Town =)

At 12:30 Cut Chemist was ready to rock and the party people flocked to the fifth corner that I haven't spoke about. The fifth corner was directly in front of the stage surrounded by a metal square cage. It's kind of ironic that there was a small metal square for the main DJ. I felt bad for Cut Chemist because everyone swarmed to the square where he was spinning at, and everyone was looking DIRECTLY at him! Can you say awkward? Haaa.. Cut Chemist didn't let it phase him and proceeded to kill it at will! His set started really chill and groovy and then escalated to a funkadelic cadence that could NOT be denied! As the crowd OOO'd and AHHH'd Cut Chemist increased the energy level of his set to the next level. You really had to be there to truly experience the magic. Cut Chemist even busted out the wah-wah pedals and did something so innovative only a visual stimuli would define it. If you missed the show and you're reading this, I hope this makes you feel like you were there =)

Until next time Good People!

Happy Holidays!

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