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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The man who invented the ATM Machine

By: Brian Milligan

"They're clever scoundrels," fumes John Shepherd-Barron at his remote farmhouse in northern Scotland. He is referring to the seals which are raiding his salmon farm and stealing fish.

"I invented a device to scare them off by playing the sound of killer whales, but it's ended up only attracting them more."

But failure with this device is in contrast to the success of his first and greatest invention: the cash machine.

The world's first ATM was installed in a branch of Barclays in Enfield, north London, 40 years ago this week.

Reg Varney, from the television series On the Buses, was the first to withdraw cash.

Inspiration had struck Mr Shepherd-Barron, now 82, while he was in the bath.

"It struck me there must be a way I could get my own money, anywhere in the world or the UK. I hit upon the idea of a chocolate bar dispenser, but replacing chocolate with cash."

Barclays was convinced immediately. Over a pink gin, the then chief executive signed a hurried contract with Mr Shepherd-Barron, who at the time worked for the printing firm De La Rue.

Teething troubles

Plastic cards had not been invented, so Mr Shepherd-Barron's machine used cheques that were impregnated with carbon 14, a mildly radioactive substance.

The machine detected it, then matched the cheque against a Pin number.

However, Mr Shepherd-Barron denies there were any health concerns: "I later worked out you would have to eat 136,000 such cheques for it to have any effect on you."

The machine paid out a maximum of £10 a time.

"But that was regarded then as quite enough for a wild weekend," he says.

To start with, not everything went smoothly. The first machines were vandalised, and one that was installed in Zurich in Switzerland began to malfunction mysteriously.

It was later discovered that the wires from two intersecting tramlines nearby were sparking and interfering with the mechanism.

One by-product of inventing the first cash machine was the concept of the Pin number.

Mr Shepherd-Barron came up with the idea when he realised that he could remember his six-figure army number. But he decided to check that with his wife, Caroline.

"Over the kitchen table, she said she could only remember four figures, so because of her, four figures became the world standard," he laughs.

End of cash?

Customers using the cash machine at Barclays in Enfield High Street are mostly unaware of its historical significance.

A small plaque was placed there on the 25th anniversary, but few people notice it. Given that there are now more than 1.6 million cash machines worldwide, it is a classic case of British understatement.

Mr Shepherd-Barron says he and his wife realised the importance of his invention only when they visited Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

They watched a farmer arriving on a bullock cart, who removed his wide-brimmed hat to use the cash machine.

"It was the first evidence to me that we'd changed the world," he says.

But even though he invented the machine, Mr Shepherd-Barron believes its use in future will be very different. He predicts that our society will no longer be using cash within a few years.

"Money costs money to transport. I am therefore predicting the demise of cash within three to five years."

He believes fervently that we will soon be swiping our mobile phones at till points, even for small transactions.

At 82, Mr Shepherd-Barron is very much alive to new ideas and inventions - even though his device that plays killer whale noises still needs a little bit of tinkering.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Chimpcam Project

Did you ever think someone would make a Chimpanzee film where the chimpanzee's are in full control? No scripts, no training, just chimps in action. Peep the breakdown after the jump.

By: Paul Revoir

With the fashion for shaky cameras amongst TV crews you could be forgiven for thinking they are being operated by monkeys.

That is exactly what is happening with the BBC to show the first ever film shot by chimpanzees.

Around 11 of the animals at Edinburgh Zoo spent the last 18 months filming each other as they carry around a special 'chimpcam' device.

The results will be aired on The Chimpcam Project, which airs tomorrow night on BBC2.

The footage is part of a BBC documentary about the work of behavioural scientist Betsy Herrelko, from the University of Stirling.

The chimps were introduced to video technology in a new high tech enclosure and a new chimp-proof camera was put in with them.

The device was put into a sturdy box and also had a monitor on the side so the animals could see what they were capturing on camera.

Producer John Capener said he came up with the idea for the experiment after he watched a TV show a couple of years ago which thought was so bad that the chimps could make a better go of it.

He said: 'The idea stuck in my head and I wondered if chimps really could film. They're very strong and aggressive, but I thought if we could find a way for the camera to survive it would make for some interesting footage.

'We were dealing with an average group of chimps, but they worked with us very well and gave it their best. I'm pretty sure they understood the filming.'

Miss Herrelko added that the programme tested the extent to which chimps were aware of the link between seeing and filming.

She said: 'They never got bored of filming unless the monitor died.'

Four hours of footage was filmed and now Mr Capener said he is looking a further projects like this with different animals.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Dumb Down?

As I was surfing through the net, I found this really enlightening article about dumbing down music. An avid blogger of XXL magazine (Charlamagne The God) wrote the article, and it gives a pretty darn good indication on how the music industry functions. Peep the breakdown after the jump.

In my opinion, the most ignorant thing you can tell a person is to purposely “dumb it down.” Still, I’ve heard people say this to rappers; I’ve heard people who write scripts for television shows and movies say this; and Jay Stephens, the VP of Programming for Radio One, and a morning show coach named Steve Reynolds said something similar to me.

They said, and I quote, “The 18-34 demographic in urban radio doesn’t want to be enlightened, they want to have fun!”

I explained to them that this is the Barack Obama Era. People want to be educated, enlightened, as well as entertained. The higher ends of my demo are watching CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News more than ever. We had the highest youth voter turnout ever in the history of the U.S. during the last presidential election so that showed that our demo cares about things other than Lil Wayne or Drake.

I was told by Jay Stephens and Steve Reynolds that I was wrong, and to quote Jay directly: “20-year-old Black kids are still watching Nickelodeon.”

Really, Jay, 20-year-old kids?

At 20, most young people are in college, some young people are even married with families with kids who are watching Nickelodeon. These guys really think that we are so dumbed down that we’re watching Nickelodeon at 20-years old? I proceeded to tell them stop insulting my culture and left another meeting with them shaking their heads like, “He just doesn’t get it.”

They’re right, I don’t.

I can’t understand the mentality of this society that makes bright, intelligent people tell other bright, intelligent people to “dumb it down.” I totally get giving it to the people in a way that they will understand. It’s called putting the medicine in the candy, but all that “Fuck that intelligent shit, give people the dummy shit” talk, makes absolutely no since to me.

When I first started studying the 5 Percent teachings of Islam one of the first things they teach you is to show your greatest intelligence at all times. I feel like this is the way we should move all the time whether we’re doing radio, comedy, television, music or whatever. Show your greatest intelligence at all times.

I hear people call Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, and Soulja Boy dumb. They aren’t dumb; they’re just giving you what they know. I enjoy their music when I’m in the club the same way I enjoy Pillsbury Big Deluxe Cookies on my cheat days Friday and Saturday. The rest of the week I’m working out and eating things that are healthier for me.

Jay Electronica, Killer Mike and the Strong Arm Steady Gang are the people I’m into. They don’t dumb shit down for nobody, but they’re still human so they rap from a human experience. You’re going to hear them talk about sex, how fly a chick is, or blowing on some good green. We aren’t perfect, we’re just spiritual beings living a human existence and we have that kind of balance. Elijah Muhammad said it best, “You’re not going to walk through the mud and not get dirty.”

But back to the point I was trying to make…


Burger King is Opening Bars

Wow...Looks like Burger King is really trying to set the bar on late night eateries. Now you can get your Whopper and Beer "you're way! Haaaa.. This is hilarious... Peep the breakdown after the jump.

Because the best time to eat at that establishment is when you're crunked!

Burger King is opening the Whopper Bar, a casual dining restaurant that will serve beer!

According to president of Burger King North America, Chuck Fallon, the restaurants will go up in tourist-heavy areas such as New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The Whopper Bar is even set to hit South Beach in mid-February.

A beer at the bar, which will be served in special aluminum bottles that stay extra cold, runs $4.25, but if you get it as part of a Whopper combo, the bill is $7.99.

"The Burger King customer is aging, so they're just trying to grow up with the customer," said restaurant consultant Linda Lipsky. "You can have America's favorite beers with America's favorite burger."

Burger Kings in Germany sell beer and so do Whopper Bars in Singapore and Venezuela, but now American bars will sell Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors beers.

The bar will even have an outdoor dining area, a walk-up window and delivery service.

Sounds a little trashy to us! Will U be going?!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bboy K-mel Interview @ Who's who 09?

Check out this interview Frechie's Up magazine did with K-Mel @ Who's who 09. Even if you're not a B-Boy, you should watch this video. K-Mel goes into great detail about a mature dancer vs an immature dancer and more.... Peep the breakdown after the jump!

The Making of Avatar

If you enjoyed Avatar and all the visual effects, then you're going to love this documentary on the making of the film. I seriously want to be an Avatar, mark my words. Haaaa.

Props to Mofoz Visualz for orginally posting this:::

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Black Milk in Austin, TX (1-15-10)!!! (show recap)

Photo's by: Black Mamba & David Weaver of the Austin 360

Article by: Black Mamba

First off let me start this off by saying: if you missed this show, go ahead and kick yourself in the ass, make a quick run to your nearest convenient store or grocery store, pick up a box of Kleenex and chocolates because you're going to boo-hooin' your a** off that you missed this show. Haaaa. This was Black Milk's first time in Texas and we here at Boy-Cott were ECSTATIC to capture the footage for you all =)

It was a cold rainy night in Austin, TX, but nothing was going to stop me from missing this show. I arrived in ATX @ 9:30 p.m. & I had to hit up this bar called "Bayou" before I hit up the Black Milk show. I mean, who would turn down $1.oo hurricanes???!!??? My homie Kwestro and I were trying to get it in "PROPERLY" for the show. At the 11 o' clock hour Kwestro and I were gassed up and ready to Get It In!! We arrived at Red 7 and chopped it up with a lot of peeps we haven't seen in quite sometime.....

In the early hours there was a local producer showcase by the following peeps: SK, BoomBaptist, CMORE, & Tha' Pharmasis. They most definitely kept the vibe up and kept the people coming in from the streets until an MC by the name of Thesaurus Rex hit the stage. When T-Rex hit the stage he instantly grabbed the audiences attention and proceeded to represent properly. His set consisted of a lot of call and response and sick wordplay. He even brought H-Town's ILL-FADED crew on the stage to represent.

At the golden hour of midnight, Black Milk and his crew for the night (AB & Daru) entered the stage and the madness started to unfold.... As Daru and AB stirred the pot of invigorating energy to "Long Story Short" Black Milk was preparing to bum rush the stage! You should have seen the crowd lose it right when the drums kicked in to "Long Story Short". It was complete pandemonium and I was loving every minute of it. Finally, Milk hit the stage and the people went berserk from that point on!!

The rest of Milk's set consisted of: a drummer solo from Daru, AB banging out on the keyboard, Black Milk killing it on the MPC, the crowd going bananas, a Michael Jackson tribute / Dilla Tribute from Black Milk & Black Milk performing in the crowd. Phew....All I got to say is, Austin, TX really and truly knows how to show STRONG love to an artist....

Thank You Austin, TX for representing "properly".

Oh and I almost forgot about my shout-outs!

Shout-out to Matt Sonzala (HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAM), N. Brown Clothing, DJ Notion, All the Ladies, Crew 54, Red Seven, Scubba Steve(Super Soul Saturdays) & everyone who came out to this show in the rain, (IT WAS PACKED!!)

For more info. on the following:

Black Milk

DJ Notion

Thesaurus Rex

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Madlib & J -Rocc of The World Famous Beat Junkies are Coming to Houston!!

That's right H-Town you heard me correctly, Madlib and J -Rocc are coming to Numbers ( 300 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77006) on February 27th. The doors open @ 8:30 and I highly suggest you get there early, this event will sell out!

If you're not familiar with Madlib, learn about him:

Not familiar with J-Rocc? Learn about him:

The Host of the evening will be H-Town's illustrious B.B.C. ( B-Boy Craig) of 3 Sunz Apparel.

The additional DJ & performance will be by DJ Sun (Houston) & H.I.S.D. (Houston)

Not familiar with DJ Sun? Learn about him:

Not familiar with H.I.S.D? Learn about them:

*Big-Ups to Lunaface Promotions, Kadoma & TruHead for bringing Madlib and J-Rocc down. R-E-S-P-E-C-T::::

Tickets are $15 PreSale and are Available NOW on

For More Information:




Wednesday, January 13, 2010

D.I.Y. or Die: How to Survive as an Independent Artist .

D.I.Y. or Die: How to Survive as an Independent Artist is a low-budget documentary film released by Music Video Distributors in 2002[1]. The film is a "celebration of the underdog" and deals with why artists do what they do, regardless of a continuous paycheck.

Here's the youtube version of the DVD:

All Chapters:








* To purchase this film: