Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Undercover Gaiden Dance Crew (France)

Well, it looks like France is holding it down with a sick a** dance crew. Undercover Gaiden is a group of 5 teenagers brought together around the hip hop culture to build up a Dance team. After winning the HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL France, They're now representing they're country in LAS VEGAS for the World Championship. The crew members are the following:

NALA : 15 years old (Hip hop / House Dance)
SANJII : 13 years old (Krump / Hip Hop)
KILLA SOUND BWOY : 14 Years old (Hip Hop / House Dance)
KENPA IBRA : 17 years old ( Krump / Hip Hop )
LIL SAM : 16 years old ( Break Dance )

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