Thursday, November 20, 2008


By: Black Mamba

Hip-Hop Rockstars is what describes Method Man and RedMan. I'll get to the details in a bit, but until then peep the prelude:

So I show up at 9:00 and I'm running late because the House of Blues starts their shows at 7. I arrive and witnes Termanology doing his thing, but he wasn't doing much. I mean dude can spit, but he's not really talking about anything, feel me? Term rocked his famous joint "How We Rock" feat. Bun B and of course he came out on stage and that was the only highlight of his set.

As I was saying before the prelude, Method Man and RedMan are "HIP-HOP ROCKSTARS!" Meth and Red came out on stage, starred at the crowd, waited for the dj to drop the track and proceed to spray water on everyone! That got everyone "PUMPED" and at the moment I knew I was in for a wild ride! Meth and Red did joints from the BlackOut album, Dare is a Darkide, Tical 2000, and so on...

They even brought out Street Life and RockSteady to do a couple of joints which was cool, and they killed it, but I wasn't siked on Street life spraying his 40 all over the crowd. Some shit just isn't necessary.

Oh man, but the highlight of the night was Meth and Red stage diving into the crowd! I had to wave the white flag on that one because that made their whole set official.

Now, this is where it gets "sticky", at the end of their set they dumped a whole cooler of water bottles into the crowd. The crowd then opened up those bottles and sprayed it back at Meth and Red and huge water fight broke out. Everything was cool until someone threw a bottle on stage and hit Redman's little cousin. The vibe went from positive to an awkward silence as Method Man grabbed the mic and said: "WHO THE FUCK THREW THAT BOTTLE"! WHO THE FUCK DID IT! WE GOT BABIES UP HERE MAN! IF I FOUND OUT WHO DID, ME AND MY PEOPLES ARE GOING TO SETTLE IT OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW!

Can you say whoa....You couldn't here a penny drop in the spot and to make things worse, Street Life came out on stage yelling the same shit and Meth had to calm him down. Finally RedMan squashed it by saying: Good night ya'll thanks for gettin' down with us.

See you guys at Q-Tip on Friday!


-Excerpt of Night from Method Man: Hey ya'll I need a favor? I need you guys to give us some energy. It's a small favor, whatever energy you give us we're going to give you. Red and I aren't some bullshit rapper showing up late as hell , showing of some bullshit jewelry, and only rockin' two songs then bouncing. We're here giving you guys 110 percent and all we ask for is some energy. Can you do that for us?

-Highlight # 2 of the night: The DJ Juggling on the Turntables.

Method Man - Bring the Pain (snippet)

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