Wednesday, November 19, 2008


By: Black Mamba

What I saw last night was incredible, it really made me proud to be part of this hip-hop culture. I walked in the Black Sheep show last night and it was jumpin! Scion's HypeMan - D.r.e.z. The Beatnik had the crowd in a ruckus with his signature Dracula voice and token oversized lighter. People were wopin' it out, cabage patchin' harlem shakin' it, you name it. DJ J-Period was droppin' mad science as he banged out some boom-bap, underground classics and old skool cuts fo' dayz! It seriously felt like New Years, Hanakah, and Payday all at one time.

Next up to bat was Orgon the Scion live band. Orgon rocked some some soulful breakbeats and they even had this female soul singer do a couple of joints, but she was barely coherent. Not to mean, but this lady has come to Houston twice and every time she comes out on stage she's "HIGH AS HELL" and always gets our city wrong. She literally walked on stage and said "WHAT'S GOING ON AUSTIN!!!". She was immediately boo'ed and put to shame as she shrugged away in her 1965 granny jeans. Yes, I just said 1965 granny jeans, they were almost up to her boobs! Geez! Anyways, Orgon rocked out and Drez the Beatnik even came on stage for a quick salsa exhibition with her.

Dres of Black Sheep finally came out, but his set wasn't all that great because he basically started backwards. I say that because he apparently has a new album out, and he showcased that first instead of hooking the crowd in by playing his old joints. Heads were bobbed, but it didn't get live' until he did his classics.


Lastly, but so worth the wait was Nice and Smooth. Greg Nice and Smooth B sure know how to put on a mutha'-fu*in' show. Greg Nice and Smooth B HYPED the crowd behind the curtains and "EXPLODED" to the stage "LIKE A 747 JET"! "I AM NOT EVEN BEING SARCASTIC RIGHT NOW". The dudes are probably in their 40's but HIP-HOP has kept them "Young and FULL OF ENERGY". Greg nice was clean cut from head to toe and he was "DANCIN' HIS ASS OFF". Smooth B was right behind him keepin' it hype and phew....I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. All I could think in my head was, that's how I want to be when I hit my 40's. At one point in the night Greg Nice started a cypher with the whole crowd, did 4 songs while he was still in the crowd, and sang the roof is on fire. Can you say WOW.... They did "Sometimes I rhyme Slow", "Funky For You", "Sure Shot" and "More and More Hits" just to name a few. Around 1:15 they kicked a freestyle consisting of Bun B, Dres, Drez the Beatnik, and themselves. Nice and Smooth totally stole the show and they gave a new meaning to the definition of hip-hop.


The only downfall of the night was this one drunk dude that tried to get on stage 8 TIMES! He was acting like he hadn't drank in 10 years. What a kook!

"Quote of the Night" by Greg Nice: I know all you women are trying to be independent these days, but a lot of you just need a "BIG DICK" to set you straight.


Crew54 said...

wow thats crazy that ol girl wasn't on point. The times we've seen her here, she puts it down. Maybe yall gotta stop smoking her out on that h-town boogie haha. I'm kinda mad I missed the austin show

:::Boy-Cott Magazine::: said...

Ha ha ha ha! Yeah Man she's always on Cloud 9. Thanks for showing some comment love Crew::