Sunday, January 24, 2010

Burger King is Opening Bars

Wow...Looks like Burger King is really trying to set the bar on late night eateries. Now you can get your Whopper and Beer "you're way! Haaaa.. This is hilarious... Peep the breakdown after the jump.

Because the best time to eat at that establishment is when you're crunked!

Burger King is opening the Whopper Bar, a casual dining restaurant that will serve beer!

According to president of Burger King North America, Chuck Fallon, the restaurants will go up in tourist-heavy areas such as New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The Whopper Bar is even set to hit South Beach in mid-February.

A beer at the bar, which will be served in special aluminum bottles that stay extra cold, runs $4.25, but if you get it as part of a Whopper combo, the bill is $7.99.

"The Burger King customer is aging, so they're just trying to grow up with the customer," said restaurant consultant Linda Lipsky. "You can have America's favorite beers with America's favorite burger."

Burger Kings in Germany sell beer and so do Whopper Bars in Singapore and Venezuela, but now American bars will sell Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors beers.

The bar will even have an outdoor dining area, a walk-up window and delivery service.

Sounds a little trashy to us! Will U be going?!

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