Sunday, January 17, 2010

Black Milk in Austin, TX (1-15-10)!!! (show recap)

Photo's by: Black Mamba & David Weaver of the Austin 360

Article by: Black Mamba

First off let me start this off by saying: if you missed this show, go ahead and kick yourself in the ass, make a quick run to your nearest convenient store or grocery store, pick up a box of Kleenex and chocolates because you're going to boo-hooin' your a** off that you missed this show. Haaaa. This was Black Milk's first time in Texas and we here at Boy-Cott were ECSTATIC to capture the footage for you all =)

It was a cold rainy night in Austin, TX, but nothing was going to stop me from missing this show. I arrived in ATX @ 9:30 p.m. & I had to hit up this bar called "Bayou" before I hit up the Black Milk show. I mean, who would turn down $1.oo hurricanes???!!??? My homie Kwestro and I were trying to get it in "PROPERLY" for the show. At the 11 o' clock hour Kwestro and I were gassed up and ready to Get It In!! We arrived at Red 7 and chopped it up with a lot of peeps we haven't seen in quite sometime.....

In the early hours there was a local producer showcase by the following peeps: SK, BoomBaptist, CMORE, & Tha' Pharmasis. They most definitely kept the vibe up and kept the people coming in from the streets until an MC by the name of Thesaurus Rex hit the stage. When T-Rex hit the stage he instantly grabbed the audiences attention and proceeded to represent properly. His set consisted of a lot of call and response and sick wordplay. He even brought H-Town's ILL-FADED crew on the stage to represent.

At the golden hour of midnight, Black Milk and his crew for the night (AB & Daru) entered the stage and the madness started to unfold.... As Daru and AB stirred the pot of invigorating energy to "Long Story Short" Black Milk was preparing to bum rush the stage! You should have seen the crowd lose it right when the drums kicked in to "Long Story Short". It was complete pandemonium and I was loving every minute of it. Finally, Milk hit the stage and the people went berserk from that point on!!

The rest of Milk's set consisted of: a drummer solo from Daru, AB banging out on the keyboard, Black Milk killing it on the MPC, the crowd going bananas, a Michael Jackson tribute / Dilla Tribute from Black Milk & Black Milk performing in the crowd. Phew....All I got to say is, Austin, TX really and truly knows how to show STRONG love to an artist....

Thank You Austin, TX for representing "properly".

Oh and I almost forgot about my shout-outs!

Shout-out to Matt Sonzala (HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAM), N. Brown Clothing, DJ Notion, All the Ladies, Crew 54, Red Seven, Scubba Steve(Super Soul Saturdays) & everyone who came out to this show in the rain, (IT WAS PACKED!!)

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