Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Peanut Butter Wolf Show (12-12-09) (recap)

Article by: Black Mamba

Photo's by: Mamba, David Wright & Sindy Lagunas

Ladies, Gents, and Party People of all types. When I say it was Peanut Butter Jelly Time, it was Peanut Butta' Jelly TIME!! The energy of the dancing banana below was equal to the amount of energy there was @ The Peanut Butter Wolf Show.

Big-Ups to Lunaface Promotions, Truehead Clothing, & Kadoma for putting this show together. I know for a fact it cost a "pretty" penny to bring down Wolf. I arrived @ 9:30 and I was fairly early because everyone was still setting up for the most part & getting situated. So, I cooled out and chopped it up with all the vendors as DJ Dayta started the night off.

Dayta rocked a nice all authentic hop-hop set along with some Dilla because we were at a Stones Throw Show and all =) I just wish there would have been more people in the early hours. We need to work on that Houston, "Support the Locals"! After Dayta's set ended more and more people started to trickle in, and DJ Ceeplus /BBC (hosting) were the next compadre's to bless the stage. Cee's set was more in the direction of funk, soul, rock, and a little hip-hop. With that formula combined, the party people started to commence towards the dance floor and let loose! Cee started with funk and break-beats so you know good and well I was getting busy on the dance floor along with some other B-Boys.

After Ceeplus completely wrecked shop on the 1's & 2's, the party people in the place to be were more than ready for Peanut Butter Wolf! As Wolf was getting established on stage people were rushing in by the masses! Directly next to Wolf on stage was The Legendary Graff artist "Article" and he was constructing a NAAAAASTY Charcoal and Acrylic Art Piece of Wolf! Now if that's not some "H-Town" love then I don't know what is =)



After 15 minutes of setting up the moment everyone had been waiting for had come, and everyone lost it on the first track!! Wolf had the crowd juiced up as he charismatically shifted and swayed everyone to every track he spun. Let's not forget the awesome live video show he had right behind him. Wolf truly brought the house down and made "H-Town" history once again! You should have seen his facial expression when BBC held up Articles self-portrait of him. Wolf completely stopped his set and quoted: "Whoa - Whoa - Whoa, you guys are crazy". "Ya'll are showin' me so much love". That's how we get down in the "H"!!

Once the 2'o clock hour had set in, Wolf was so excited he started to take requests. Now, if any of you know how request go, it can be for the better or for the worse. Some people were yelling out UGK, Madlib, Outkast, etc.... So what Wolf did was balance it all in as the music should be. That put a smile on my face and a left me with a beautiful memory that will never be forgotten...


Check out the slideshow below =)

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David said...

nice stuff

:::Boy-Cott Magazine::: said...

Thank You David! I had a blizzast!


Anonymous said...

Yo!.. Good work!..
J.P.- True Head Dallas

:::Boy-Cott Magazine::: said...

Thanks J.P! We keep it 100 @ Boy-Cott Magazine =)