Monday, December 7, 2009

The Legendary Skatalites, Lower Life Form & The ILL-Faded Show = An Invigorating Weekend! (12-4-09 thru 12-5-09)

By: Black Mamba

Houston, TX. This past weekend was a combination of snow, freezing cold weather and more rain but I still managed to make it out of the crib to capture footage of some excellent shows!

Friday (12-4-09)

As I embarked on my journey to the city from the Westchase District I was quite apprehensive about my drive to The Merdian to check out The Skatalites and Idiginis. I don't think I've ever driven 40mph on 59 in my life! I was trying to be acclimate as possible so I didn't get myself into an accident. With an angel from above on my side, I made it to The Meridian Safe and Sound. Due to my extremely slow driving I only caught two songs from Idiginis and no video footy.

On the brighter side of things, I caught the full set of The Skatalites and what an awesome & intimate show it was. It's so uplifting to see The Legendary Skatalites still touring! They put on an excellent show full of dances, chanting and smiles for miles =) =) =)

The next order of business was the Lower Life Form show @ The Standard (warehouse live green room). I arrived just in the nick of time, I literally turned the corner and Brew of L.L.F. saw me and acknowledged me. After the first song, I knew this was going to be an awesome show! Lower Life Form brought out the whole band for the event and the turn out was good for such horrid weather. They put on a top notch show, they got the crowd involved on some call and response, and drummer Eggy completely improvised a freestyle jam at the end. Lower Life Form is making moves!!

After the performance it was around 12:30 in the a.m. on my watch and it was Party Time!! Reko Trill was hosting the event so you know he was constantly yelling obscenities and calling folks out, but that's what made the party even better =) Apparently, Savvy from H.I.S.D invited some beautiful ladies from his old High School to come out to the event to celebrate their birthdays and they were Wil' n Out! I didn't capture any photo's or video, but lets just say they were Droppin' it like it's Hot and Shakin' what they Mama' Gave Em'. Feel Me?? Haaaa.. DJ Grnich was rippin' the Wheels of Steel to pieces! I love the fact that he played a perfect balance of Hip-Hop, Soul, and 80's! People were doing The Wop, The Running Man, The Roger Rabbit, Grinding etc...etc... The highlight of the party hour was this one brother....Homeboy slid across the floor on his knees to this female, got up and proceeded to percolate in her pelvic area. Yeah....dude was gettin' it in like it was New Years! WOOO HAAAA!! Got cha' all in check. Good Times::::::

Saturday (12-4-09)

After the slighty horrendous snow storm on Friday, driving to the city on Saturday was such a relief. I arrived at the ILL-Faded show at 10p.m. and man was this warehouse hard to find. The Warehouse ended up being in a dark alley with barely any lighting. Can you say sketchy?? I entered the premises and I was even more lost. I felt like I was a rat in a maze and I thought I would never find my way to music. After 20 minutes of going in circles I finally found my way in. The first set I caught was Chief and he had the crowd in a Frenzy! This was actually the first time I've seen him live. Chief really knows how to relate to the people and keep them alert. His set was an endless flow of songs about smoking, life situations and positivity on a highly energetic lyrical tip. I was truly impressed by this kids skills and confidence on stage. Watch out for him in the near future.

Next up to bat was Archaic 3 which is Chiefs band, and man were they nuts! Heavy Metal / Rock & Rock was in full effect! I seriously had a flashback to my high school days when all I used to bang was rock, metal & punk rock. The mosh pit formed and right when the guitar player stroked his first key, complete chaos broke out! People were moshing, beer was flying everywhere, girls were getting pushed around and going right back in the pit for more! Keep in mind, when this was going on I was standing on a chair "Safe & Sound". I thought about joining the action just to reminisce, but I didn't feel like getting a giant black stain on my back. Haaaa!! That warehouse floor was GRIMY! Oh what a site it was to watch to say the least. After Archaic 3's set ended DJ Baby Boi hoped on the turntables to bring some Jiggy Dance Club Vibes in the mix. Baby Boi had the ladies gettin' "NASTY on the dance floor with the quickness!

The last set of the night that I caught was Fat Tony and he was most definitely a favorite amongst other other performances. Tony and Smash Bro had a rocking set which made for a great ender for me... Until next time good people::::


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