Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cornbreadd Saved Christmas

By: Black Mamba

The Cornbreadd Saves Christmas show most definitely held up to it's name. I arrived at 11:30 and this was the time rapper
3bubble was doing his thing with his hypeman and drummer. 3bubble had a laid-back cool-out vibe type of style and his drummer was amazing. I haven't heard of this kat before, but he was decent. 3 bubble even let this one female fan get involved as he invited her on stage to sing.

At midnight 3bubble ended his set and as I turned to my immediate left I saw Cornbreadd enter the vicinity. Listen to what Cornbreadd had to say when we made eye contact. Now keep in mind that Cornbreadd was a little inebriated as I filmed him. Haaa!

Per Cornbreadd's arrival the DJ which wasn't listed on the flyer so I don't know his name was killing it! As you can see from the pics below, the DJ was really gettin' it in!

At around 12:30-12:45 the party people in the place to be were well lit and hype from all the top 40 commercial hip-hop, and it was time for the man of the hour to perform. Cornbreadd entered the stage in his fully decked out Cornbreadd apparel from head to toe. Now to say Cornbreadd put on a show would be an understatement. He put on a damn "theatrical"!! Breadd had Santa Claus a.k.a. Pooh Dog on stage who kept repeating the statement "Hey, SANTA CLAUS" over and over and over again. After a while it became extremely annoying but nobody will ever forget him. Haaa!! He most definitely made his presence known. Cornbreadd did the damn thing on stage for real! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Breadd was selling his latest mix tapes which are only $5, and are still available for purchase. I'll drop a link to Cornbreadd's web page at the end of the article just encase you're interested in purchasing it.

After Cornbreadd got the crowd completely amped, he ran backstage to change into his next outfit or should I say, costume. Haaa. Cornbreadd really and truly loves to entertain the crowd as all performers should be doing. Cough - Cough. When Cornbreadd returned he had Christmas lights all over his body including his cap.

This was just hilarious to watch as he continued to perform with his band "The Fucking Transmissions". Now I didn't catch any footy of Cornbreadd with "The Fucking Transmissions" because my battery died... On the brighter side of things, I have plenty of pics for your viewing pleasure. Let's just say when "The Fucking Transmissions" came into the play, the whole place went berserk! It's amazing what the sound of raging electric guitars, electric drums and a rapper will do to you. Haaa!

After a consistently innovating night of vigorous non-stop partying, performances, body art, and shit talking by the infamous Reko Trill... I can honestly say that Cornbreadd Saved Christmas.


Here are all the rest of the pics from the night. People were freakin' Jovial!!

For more info. on Cornbreadd:



dapretty1 said...

Daddy thinks you did great(and so does his girlfriend)!!! Love ya and keep up the good stuff. :)

:::Boy-Cott Magazine::: said...

Awww..I appreciate that =) This is what I do, it's my life =D Just you wait till the end of this month. Boy-Cott is being re-constructed as I type this:::