Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PETA Slaughters Lobsters for Cookout.

Arizona --- I remember a time when PETA actually stood for something. A time where the animals had someone to look after them, protect them and truly care for them. After hearing about the slaughter of innocent lobsters by the hand that swore to protect them, however, I broke down and cried.

Woe to the animals, PETA their protector has forsaken them. Woe to humanity, for without the animals humanity will live in a world of darkness. Woe to the world, for darkness is void of light, without which no plants will grow which will also cause the animals to further suffer, causing man to further suffer ... causing more darkness, then more suffering ... it just gets ridiculous from here.

Anyway, this whole story starts with Lobsters and the way they are ... cooked? Apparently, some people find it offensive that live lobsters are thrown into a vat of boiling water where they are cooked alive. This seemingly 'inhumane?' treatment of lobsters, and their torturous demise, led one Simon Buckhaven to develop the CrustaStun, a device which kills the lobster before cooking them. The CrustaStun is a humane device, which electrocutes the lobster, which is apparently more humane ... ????

So, for all you people that are offended by the way lobsters are killed, there is now an alternative, and it only costs $3500.

Where does PETA come in? I'm glad you asked.

The animal rights group PETA bought two of the lobster devices and paid for Mr. Buckhaven and his wife to fly to the Arizona event last Saturday to demonstrate the technology.

Unfortunately, the courier service lost the two machines and the animal rights people had to look the other way as volunteers killed hundreds of lobster in boiling water for hungry supporters of the resource centre.

That's just hilarious. I don't know what's more pathetic: killing lobsters than cooking them, PETA purchasing this units in the first place, the fact that these units were lost in transit, the fact that PETA had to witness the slaughter of innocent lobsters, or the fact that PETA sat back and watched while hundreds of people tore apart their delicious lobsters, chewing on their tender meat, which PETA just drooled.

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