Monday, November 9, 2009

Life is Living (recap)(Houston,TX)

*Life is Living - A national campaign that connects urban street arts with environmentalism and sustainable living.

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*Photo Credit - Romaine Smoots, Black Mamba, & Billie Simone Cunningham

*Video Credit - Black Mamba &

By: Black Mamba

This past Saturday kicked off the Life is Living tour which consists of the following cities: NYC, Oakland, Chicago and of course Houston. The event started off with the Meta-Four poets, The Green Team Poets & GONZO247 of Aerosol Warfare holding it down in the early hours.

Around 2p.m. the people really started to trickle in, and they showed up just in time for the B-Boy performance by Havikoro and Friends. This when the crowd WOKE-UP! Marlon Perla of Havikoro started the B-Boy performance by blessing the crowd with a poem, DJ Ill-Set held it down on the 1's and 2's and the rest is history. Check out the photo's and video footage.

After an intense and exhilarating performance by the B-Boys, MC Lyte arrived and was about to bless the stage! If only if you could have seen the people from the side streets rushing in aimlessly to make sure they didn't miss her set! It was quite the site... Lyte's performance was very intimate, eye-level and uplifting. She would do a song and actually explain the history of that song for all the 90's baby's out there =) I personally had no clue MC Lyte was such an amazing motivational speaker... The best part of her set is when she brought a female out the crowd to sing "Self Destruction" with her, and everyone went BANANAS as she owned the stage! Don't worry ladies and gents, the video footage is below for your viewing pleasure =)


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Marlon Perla gives a shout-out to Boy-Cott Magazine:::

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