Monday, October 26, 2009


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Houston, TX this week is action packed with non-stop Authentic Hip-Hop events! Starting this Thursday at Warehouse Live: Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright and BK one will be in tha' buildin! This show is going to be absolutely AMAZING to say the least =) Check out the flyer and tour song they put together.


Fresh Air Tour Theme Song:


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Then in the Green Room be sure to check out "Soul Klap" featuring the following Proprietors of 3 of Houston's Freshest Hip Hop, Soul and Progressive Music Nights (BASIX, HOME & PAID IN FULL): BBC, Fresh-S, Jaekim & DJ Burb! This a NO COVER event which will entail Non-Stop Head Bangin' Authentic Hip-Hop all night long! Let's Get Busy!!!

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I don't know what your Halloween plans are, but I HIGHLY recommend you be in attendance at The Cellar Bar on Saturday. The Legendary H-Town Hip-Hop Junkie Craig Long a.k.a. BBC will be "CUTTING OFF HIS DREADS!!!! I can't believe this is happening....but as they say, sometimes change is a good thing =) After 20 years of rockin' dreads Craig Long states: "I'm doing it for my daughter". So it doesn't really get any deeper than that peeps. FAMILY FIRST! What's funny about this is, he's the one that convinced me to grow my hair out and lock my hair. Haa.. Who knows, I might cut my locks in 20 years, you never know....Time will tell...

Catch you on the flipside fam!!

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