Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Racism is so Tired::::

The morning news is featuring the story of this hotel owner in New Mexico who forbade the Spanish speaking employees from speaking Spanish in his presence. Ha, good luck with that in NEW MEXICO. Good luck with that anywhere in the U.S. for that matter.

The hotel owner also told the employees to remove the ethnicity from their names. Marcos begat Mark and Martin begat Martin. But we all know that spanish folks love to say ‘Marteeeen’. Hell, I love to say it my damn self. Do you remember that scene from ‘Roots’ where Lavar Burton gets publicly whipped until he calls himself Toby?

The Hotel Owner states: That was awesome.

The hotel owner probably lives for the characters that John Wayne portrayed who came into the wild, untamed west and shot Indians in the back and burned the squaws and children alive in their teepees.

Sadly, the hotel owner can’t do that nowadays because of these stupid laws giving rights to the savages but he will be good and sure that his plantation is overseen correctly. This was always America. Living in New York its easy to forget this on most days when police aren’t throwing 50 bullets at you.

The hotel owner’s mandated cultural appropriation isn’t odd to him. It’s what John Wayne would have done on the silver screen. But do we all know about John Wayne’s lifestyle when he wasn’t making a movie?

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