Thursday, October 15, 2009

The One is for the Ladies Of Aviva =D

The Aviva Community Fund is a wonderful organization that caters to empower women through workshops and it targets what's important to them. Peep the breakdown after the jump.

Project Rational: Girls in Canada and around the world are victims of discrimination based on their age and gender. Girls are victims of violence and abuse because of their gender in the home, school and community. Furthermore girls are confronted with stereotypes about their abilities and place in society through the mass media. They are confronted with the beauty myth (how they should look) and stereotypes related to their abilities (certain sports or activities are perceived to be gender specific) and career choices (certain careers are understood to be for men). 411's Girls Workshops give young girls the chance to speak out about issues they are facing in their schools, equips girls with a new understanding of their rights and what can be done to improve them.




Eternia said...

we collect votes for funding to tour these schools w/ the Girls program, as a non profit, so click on the link and vote!!
MUCHLY APPRECIATE u posting my dear!!!!


:::Boy-Cott Magazine::: said...

Word Up Eternia!

Thank You for being such a down to earth MC!

When I saw what the program was all about, I had nothing but respect for what they do =) I'll most definitely click the link and show my support.