Thursday, October 8, 2009

Love is Real Vol.4

Gas Daily and AFTA-1 would like for you to listen to Love is Real Vol. 4. The Love is Real series is a collection of moments from AFTA-1's life. I would go more in detail, but since it's based on AFTA-1's life, I'll let him explain it.
(click the image to download the mix)

The months following the release of Love is Real Vol. 3 have again affirmed everything that GAS’D, myself and everyone else in the universe living for Love, truly believe in. We are all vessels, placed on this planet to create. Blessed with the freedom to choose our medium, true fulfillment lies in carrying out our calling to its fullest extent. Which is ultimately done, one moment at a time. One Now at a time.

We must choose to act in the present without limiting ourselves by the thought of tomorrow. Give our today our everything. Create at our peak for the only time that matters, NOW. Fulfilling our divine calling while fulfilling our life through love.

This is a collection of moments. Every one of these tracks has been the soundtrack to my life in many key moments throughout my journey. Including very recent ones. As this mix itself was created in a moment. One sleep-free night, three days ago while simultaneously finalizing it’s closing track. “7th Sun,” a rough draft of the most recent work for my upcoming album. So it’s only right that we also drop this mix at a moment’s notice.

Without further a do, Enjoy this collection of Love sounds old, new, and in-between from some past LIR favorites, some good friends, & hopefully some artists you may not have heard before. And of course, you know how we set the vibe…Dim the lights, light one up and float.



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