Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fly Girl T & Karina Nistal = Fly Nice:::

(click the image to download the album)

If you didn't make it out to The Tipping Point this past saturday you missed a wonderful time, and your chance to pick up a copy of Fly Girl T's new mixtape. Not to worry though because she also leaked it online as a free download. So jam it, and if you like it pass this link on to one of your homies =)

p.s. Here's the tracklisting:::

Fly Nice Intro


Get 2 Know U

FGT Drop

Passin Me By



So Sexy


K Drop

Xcuse vs Reason

Do U

Fly Response

We Miss U

Fly Nice Drops

Man's World

He Said..


:::Bonus Tracks:::

All I Know

The 1 (one)

Used to

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