Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Eternia Collaboration =)

Eternia is in serious collab. mode these days as her and Moss continue to shop for a label for their album. In this collaboration she teams up with J.J. Brown & Miz Metro in a video called "Gender Bender". Peep the breakdown after the jump.

Introducing J.J. Brown, Eternia & Miz Metro in: "GENDER BENDER"
We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming for E's personal sneak peak into the making of J.J. Brown's music video "GENDER BENDER" feat. Eternia & Miz Metro.

(click the image to watch the sneak preview of "Gender Bender")

Hola from Eternia! :-D

I've been having a lot of fun doing some collaborative work recently, while we shop for a label home for my album "AT LAST" w/ MoSS. A few weeks ago we shot this music video for J.J. Brown's lead single "GENDER BENDER" featuring myself & Miz Metro, off of his forthcoming album "Connect the Dots". The song is a playful look at gender roles in Hip Hop & on the road, & the video was even more fun to make than it looks! I love these guys. J.J.'s first solo album also features Gym Class Hero's frontman Travis McCoy, rap legend Craig G., Reef the Lost Cauze, Poison Pen, Louis Logic, Block McCloud, Nola Darling & more! In Stores Nov. 10, 2009!

"click the image to watch the official "Gender Bender video"

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Eternia said...

u rock :-D this rocks :-D
i love it
not me -

Mamba said...

Haaa. You have quite the personality Eternia.


Stay Humble, as I know you will::::