Saturday, September 12, 2009

What if J Dilla produced Jay-Z's Blueprint album?

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Yo, I thought I would never see the day that The great J-Dilla (rest in power), would have Jay-Z on some of his beats. Peep the breakdown after the jump:

Here's something old, something, new, and something blue for all you Jay-Z haters or lovers out there. Still high off of last night's benefit concert I came across this gem courtesy of our friends at Blind I Is For The Kids. It was rumored many moons ago that one of the late great J Dilla's infamous beat cd's found it's way into Roc-A-Fella headquarters and into the hands of Jay-Z, and were considered to be used for the classic Blueprint album. But alas, either Jay-Z decided to go in another direction for better or for worse. Either way, we would never know how a Dilla/Jay collabo would sound, until now... DJ Jimmy Green has attempted to find out the answer to this burning question by creating the long but aptly titled 'What If J Dilla Produced Jay-Z's The Blueprint'? And while some out there may consider it some kind of blasphemy marrying Jay-Z's rhymes with Dilla's beats, the concept is intriguing. So what if J Dilla produced The Blueprint?

Here's some more words from DJ Jimmy Green who composed this mix:


A few years back, rumours started surfacing that one of Dilla's infamous beat CDs had made its way into the hands of none other than Jay-Z.

If the Jiggaman HAD used any of Dilla's beats, what would they have sounded like?

Well, here's a chance to hear what might have been. Using some of Dilla's best beats, and the vocals from the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed "Blueprint" album,
DJ Jimmy Green has re-arranged the Blueprint into a glimpse of what might have been if these two musical legends had collaborated.


Make sure that you BUY Dilla CDs - don't illegally download! Make sure that Ma Dukes gets her dues.

You can get most of these instrumentals from official, legal channels - if you like them then don't download for free. Money needs to go where it's due.

This is not intended to be a substitute for Dilla's work, or The Blueprint album - there's no profit involved and it won't affect sales of either artist.

PS If you haven't got it already, go and buy the Blueprint, it's amazing.


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