Thursday, September 24, 2009

Unreleased Jimi Hendrix Music is On The Way::::

By: Jeffrey Hyatt

A new era of Jimi Hendrix is upon us.

In an interview with Gibson about their new Jimi Hendrix-inspired guitar, Jimi’s sister Janie noted that there is still a decade’s worth of unreleased music and video to come from the legendary guitar player.

Janie Hendrix, the president and CEO of Experience Hendrix and Authentic Hendrix, said she wants to release new material every 12 to 18 months for the next ten years.

“We probably have another decade of music, including video. Every 12 to 18 months we’ll continue to have new releases and Dagger [Experience Hendrix's label for live recordings] official bootlegs,” she told Gibson.

“Jimi was a workaholic. After Electric Lady studios was built he was able to record constantly for as many hours as he wanted to. It’s almost as if he knew he had only four years to accomplish everything that he did. We have an amazing amount of original masters, including a lot of material that hasn’t been previously released.”

The recent success of the Beatles remasters, and all-around reintroduction of the iconic Fab Four into pop culture, is clearly going to stir various classic rock estates to start rummaging through their old boxes of tapes and reels.

Said Janie Hendrix:

Our goal is to make sure Jimi’s legacy stays intact and that his music is put out in an authentic way — not the way the old administration did it.

We want fans to be able to hear his music in the best possible way. With technology as good as it is, we can bring Jimi’s music — we have hundreds of original masters — to people in a pure form using those masters.

Speaking of valuable tapes, Hendrix said her brother’s reels that feature his substantial collection of unreleased music are housed in temperature-controlled vaults at two separate locations in the US.

“We have a set of everything in Los Angeles and a set in New York in the event of something catastrophic happening. We have duplicates of everything.”

Hendrix fans can also get pumped about new footage from Monterey Pop and the Royal Albert Hall. Hendrix said for the Royal Albert Hall film, several cameramen followed Jimi, Noel [Redding], and Mitch [Mitchell] around Europe for about a month.

Looks like the Hendrix estate has a couple concerts and interviews equaling an hour-and-a-half program.

More than enough for fans of a real guitar hero.

Are you interested in hearing any of this new, unreleased Hendrix music?

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