Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Teen Cries Blood (video & article)

This is so disturbing.. Some are calling it Possessed, some are calling it Stigmata. You be the judge, after the jump.

Imagine you're a mom, going to wipe your son's tears only to realize that what's coming from his eyes isn't saline, but blood.

That's the case for Tammy Mynatt and her son. The Tennessee teen, 15-year-old Calvino Inman, says bloody tears well up uncontrollably from his eyes as many as three times a day, and while he isn't in pain the blood does burn his eyes sometimes.

While his mother and doctors are searching for a medical explanation - Calvino has had numrous tests and seen specialists, and no one knows yet why he's crying blood - a few are looking for more spiritual reasons.

Calvino's classmates have called him possessed and a vampire. (Do vampires cry blood, or just suck blood?) Others have likened him to the Italian statue of Madonna Civitavecchia, which was said to have? shed tears of blood a decade ago with no human explanation.

Whatever the cause, Calvin and his mother are looking for answers. Until they can find relief for Calvin, let's hope is classmates give him a break as the new school year begins. It's hard enough to deal with uncontrollable bloody tears; he doesn't need his peers rubbing salt in his wound, figuratively speaking.

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