Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NahMean Episode 3: God & Hip-Hop

I know God is a touchy subject, but the way Nah Right packed it is really dope. Peep the breakdown after the jump.


God and Hip-Hop have always had a complicated relationship. We wanted to explore first whether fans of the music wanted to talk about God, but also if the two can successfully co-exist in a mainstream capacity. What we found was unexpected: people WANTED to talk about it and there were a wide-range of opinions on the topic from both artists and fans that raised the question of if the industry and pop culture are truly in touch with what people on the corner and in their homes are talking about. This episode features Skyzoo, of Dead Prez and a good number of opinionated music consumers talking back and revealing some surprisingly honest perspectives on a topic considered taboo.

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