Friday, September 18, 2009

The Kashmere Stage Band Reunion (One Night Only)(Houston, TX)(Discovery Green)

Man o' man..... Last night I experienced a piece of history. I witnessed The Kashmere Stage Band shut it down at Discovery Green. The whole set was dedicated to The Great Conrad Johnson (rest in power). The Kashmere Stage Band kept it HYPE from beginning to end. They started off with some of their classics: Kashmere & Scorpion! Man, I was breaking my ass off! Throughout the night they had various soul singers come out and do a couple of cover joints to help you reminisce a little bit. The best vocal performance of the night was, four brothers covering some of the temptations joints. They had matching gear and dance routines!!! So SICK!!!! I was losin' it Yo! Oh and last but not least, one of the saxophone players held a note for a solid 4 minutes!! At that point everyone and they're mom blew up!! It was like a classic moment in sports, I shit you not! If you missed this show, than you missed out! For real!! Check the video footage:::


p.s. If you've never heard of The Kashmere Stage Band, check them out: "Click Here"

(Video by: Brett Koshkin)

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