Friday, August 7, 2009

Iran election protest at UN Plaza in San Francisco / The ARE - Iran (Protest Dedication Album)

As you know in San Francisco the Iranian people are protesting because they believe their absentee ballots weren't properly counted. Below is an article and some video's about the protest. Also as a bonus, hip-hop producer "THE ARE" has made a special dedication album for all the protesters.


Iran Election News: Worldwide Protests Ask 'Where is My Vote?'

by Jon Azpiri

Several protests have taken place across the world to voice their opposition to the results of the Iran election.

Approximately 200 people protested outside the Iranian embassy in London. Many of the demonstrators held up signs saying "Where is my vote?" Iranians expats living in London protested because they believe their absentee ballots weren't properly counted.

In the Netherlands, 100 people protested the Iranian Embassy in The Hague, many of them again holding signs reading "Where is my vote?"

In Paris, 100 protested in front of the Maison de la Radio, a site where French public radio stations broadcast. In the US, a similar demonstration took place at UN Plaza in San Francisco.


(click image to download the album)


1. Intro
2. Protest
3. The March
4. Love
5. The Night
6. Let’s Go
7. Closer
8. What You Don’t See On TV
9. Rooftops
10. Green
11. Protest 2
12. One Thing Remains
13. IRAN

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