Monday, August 10, 2009

Bajah & The Dry Eye Crew (Mixtape)

To anyone out there who appreciates quality dancehall music, Bajah & The Dry Eye Crew is for you! I downloaded this two days ago and I still can't keep it off repeat. It's just that good. Peep the breakdown after the jump =)

The free mixtape Kings of Salone brings DJ Gravy's signature dancehall/reggae/hip-hop island flavor to Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew's bold lyrics and fiery flow, making it the perfect soundtrack for summertime dance parties – guaranteed to make you shake your tumba.

It arrives in advance of the group's international debut album, set to drop late '09/early '10, which projects the same vibrant energy and socially conscious spirit they bring to their shows, while also featuring the vocal and production talents of many of the Crew's superstar fans, including ?uestlove and Black Thought of the Roots, Talib Kweli, K'Naan, Wyclef, and El-P.



"Bondo Kallay"

"My Own Song"

(click image to download the mixtape)


1. BDEC Intro
2. Dj Gravy Intro
3. Laba Laba
4. Any Girl (teaser)
5. News Interlude
6. Rapapumpum
7. Honda (teaser)
8. Bondo Kallay
9. Salone Music Interlude/Fire Fire Fire
10. Makossa
11. Come Near Me (teaser)
12. High (teaser)
13. High (chopped and screwed)
14. Acapella Interlude
15. Give Me Your Number
16. Love Of My Life (teaser)
17. Interlude/Eh Congo
18. My Own Song

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