Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spacing Out w/ Circa 77'

Aric McLemore a.k.a. Circa 77' is a different kind of graphic artist. He has kind of a hippie - translucent style that I haven't seen before. Aric also implies the same style into his video edits and they are hilarious! So check him out, he just might blow ya' mind::::

Boy-Cott: So Aric, for those out there who don’t know you, let them know what kind of art you do?

Aric: I do still graphic composites. Utilizing photographs, illustrations, scanned objects, and computer generated graphics within an abstract style. Also as far as style, I like to play with minimalist notions and juxtapose such with surrealistic imagery.

Boy-Cott: Before your still art pieces, you did a lot of video background production correct?

Aric: Well I’m professionally a videographer; I started doing these pieces last year off of an inspiration to use the video FX programs, which I utilize as a media editor, to create still pieces. I don’t have any formal training in traditional art. My primary medium has been video production but I’ve always dabbled in music & general art. So from my experience as a video producer I established my eye for composition and colors, my natural “weirdness” and the subsequent perspectives of life that stem from that supplies the rest of the ingredients to the artistry.

Boy-Cott: You also produce music correct? If so, who have you produced for?

Aric: I’m no where near a music producer. The tracks by me that you hear on the Circa 77 MySpace page is just me experimenting with beat making for the first time. I’m just a visual artist trying to transduce his medium per inspirational push. Circa 77 is a media production outfit that I run with my partner Tiandye Broome. Through Circa 77 we provide professional video services and create original art with a collective of other media artist such as the other beat makers you hear on our MySpace player; Olen Batiste (Bayou Batiste, Tha' Pharmasis) out of Austin, Chris Aggison (Mr. Chris Productions), and Keimo Therapy (Soul Ravers) from the Virgin Islands.

Boy-Cott: As I was browsing through your myspace page, I noticed that you produced a couple of videos. One for bubble man and another of you playing Thomness Madison, I think. Was that you in both videos? Haaaaa! That shit was hilarious.

Aric: No that was not me, LOL. Those were two different guys that we work with in developing comedic skits and ideas. BubbleMan was a character created by the guy playing him, Jason Chung. And Thomness Madison was created and played by Javier Humphrey. Both are aspiring comedians and music producers. We had fun crafting those and are looking to do other BM music vids and tv commercial spoofs with TM. The other videos you see are clips from an entertainment variety show that we produced a couple of years back on Houston’s cable access channel, HMS-TV(Houston Media Source) which was called “The Texas Luxury Suite”. We have plans on revising and continuing the show and creating a live format in the future.

Boy-Cott: I have a question from your blog that no one answered.
Can you be
both Friendly & Cynical?

Aric: In a world where oxymoron’s live together in peace, yes. The question was just meant to be satirical of all those pretentiously philosophical MySpace blogs that you see.

Boy-Cott: Are you currently working on any projects?

Aric: Well I just finished my first commissioned piece for a local artist here named Perseph One.
An extremely talented female emcee with one of the widest ranges of styles you’ll ever hear. I’m also working on more comedy skits such as Bubble Man and Thomness Madison along with others that we are going to group as varied segments within a newscast spoof tentatively titled, “The Daily Dose”. Of which we plan to run on HMS-TV as well as the web. Also I’m developing ideas for film shorts that I want to do and submit to all of the different film festivals in and around town. Circa 77 has two music video projects in development; one with a local hip-hop artist named A-Day, and the other for one of our resident producers Keimo Therapy. Both of which we plan to start production in the next couple of months. Outside of that, I want to develop more into beat making and educate myself on the various tools & programs used in our increasingly avant-garde culture.

Boy-Cott: What’s your next move and where can the good people contact you?

Aric: I’m working on new art. I’ve just started on a new graphic composite and working on a motion graphic piece. I’m planning on crafting an animation design for the style that I developed which you see utilized on my Speak & Spell/Math pieces.
I also want to start offering custom graph composites for artist in need of original artwork, whether you’re a recording artist or any other type of artist in the vast spectrum. You can always peep the artwork on my myspace and keep abreast of our on goings from the (music of the artist as forementioned to our video projects. I’m also on the other social networking craze, “Facebook” ( or you can email me at

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