Thursday, June 18, 2009

Somewhere Over The Rainbow w/ Jennifer Sibbert-Flores a.k.a. Jennifierce (Boy-Cott Magazine's Art Director)

Jennifer Sibbert-Flores is the definition of Color, Clarity & Originality. If you have not yet had the honor to have something created from this Fierce female, it's time to make that change for the better. Jennifer is not just your average graphic designer, she's a logo expert and a master of color. I've worked with quite a few graphic designers since Boy-Cott started back in 2002, and I've never, never, ever met someone so passionate about design. I'm blessed to have Jennifer in my life, and without her Boy-Cott would not be on the level it is today. Thank You -Thank You - Thank You soo much Jennifer for being on our team. You mean a lot to this company =)

Now without any further ado, ladies and gentleman, I give you the
Jennifer Sibbert-Flores interview:::::

1) To the people out there who don't know of your work and where your from, can you fill them in?

I'm from central Minnesota, near where the movie Fargo was filmed. The land breeds people of a peculiar nature... creatives by the masses. I grew up training wild horses and drawing in the woods.

2)Why the move to Texas and what was one of your biggest challenges as far as adjusting to the state?

I made the epic journey to Texas to escape the ghastly Minnesota winters. I couldn't take one more -45Âș wind chill winter. My brain just started to desaturate and dry UP. Now in the Houston heat- I'm sweating COLOR!

3)I noticed that your graphic design skills are very detailed, futuristic & invigorating. What triggers your thought process?

I fell in love with design via color and type. I breathe rich color and exhale serif and sans serif fonts. Color is what pushes me, the perfect balance between color and type is what I crave. My love of color may come from all my years growing up in Minnesota; you see the land transform from winter, spring, summer and fall. This makes you thirsty for color- you know? All winter it's just grey and gloom, white and black- then comes spring when you first see a leaf bloom on a tree it's total rapture! Don't even get me started on the beauty of fall.

4) I heard that you used to be a 9-5'er doing graphic design. What made you want to quit corporate america?

Corporate America has its benefits- but an artist needs to grow, learn and develop. When you are a slave to a 9-5 your brain is drained by the end of the day, your dreams are infected with the pressure of trying get into their corporate BOX. Every client has an image they need you to adhere to- but they are coming to YOU to work in harmony with YOUR vision.

5)You're also a mother of 3 kids I believe. How do you manage to raise the kids and do such a banging job on your layouts?

Multitasking. I work best under pressure most times... and having 5 full-time jobs that being a mother and wife brings- AND MORE. Although sometimes the perfect layout also comes with burnt dinner- which I am totally OKAY with *grin*.

6)Are you currently working with any other designers or are you solo?

I'm working with a close friend I have known since college- we are developing a logo company... it's easy when working with your color DoppelgÀnger. She's got amazing talent. It's nice to know other great designers because you know iron strengthens IRON.

7)Being a designer in Houston, and observing other designers work. Where do you think they shine at, and where do you think they need improvement?

I have little experience with other designers in Houston. From what I have seen I feel that I have seen little love for the trade- mainly focus on money and no love for the trade. You have to have love for design. One may not understand- but you have to cherish fonts, you have to caress the paint on to the paper, you have to have passion in life. When I hear the joy in a client's voice after seeing their project brought to life- that's what fuels me. We all need money to pay the bill to keep the Mac running- but before that you need love, and you need to have respect for your client to keep them coming BACK!

8)When did you become so passionate about design?

The spark that lit my fire for design came in 1999 when I was in school studying to be a photographer. I had a Photoshop class- my instructor suggested I enter a design into an AdFed competition. I entered, won gold and figured- "Hey, if it was THAT easy- maybe I need to pursue this!"

9)What achievements have you been awarded in your design career?

I'm a thankful nine-time AdFed winner. Awards are a confirmation that others agree with the love you have for your works.

10)What's the next level you would like to see your design skills go to?

I always want to be better, faster and stronger as a designer. You live, you learn- you get hurt but you it makes you stronger. I want to be ultra speedy with the same passion and quality. I very much pride myself on my professionalism.

11)Who would you like to thank?

I always thank my father for my love of art. He gave me my first sketch book, my first paints and he's been a photographer and artist all his life as well. I also thank God for the blessing to be able to do what I love. And thank you Mamba, you know you are a great client because you trust in the work, you let it flow and you go along for the ride, there isn't much else a designer could ask for ;)

*If you're interested in having some work done by Jennifer you can contact her the following ways:


Jessica Rivera said...

Jennifierce is one of my very BEST friends and has done designs for me for my wedding, I can't even BEGIN to tell you how truly amazing she is and this article just brought tears to my eyes to see some recognition come to her. She works so hard for what she loves and the end result is an amazing piece of her imagination broken off to her client. I only wish I could see part of what she sees. I love you Jen!!!

Clyde Grant II said...

I would love to have her do design for me...her work is great! Maybe someday..

dutty bird said...

I used to be art director for BoyCott a lil over 2yrs ago now, but admittedly I was just kinda 'dabbling.' I have great appreciation for graphic design, but it's not my first love or trade - architecture and design of spaces is. BUT I wanted to comment because seeing your work the passion REALLY comes out &it's truly admirable. Your work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and the BoyCott teams is extremely lucky to have you. Loved the interview and keep doing what you are doing!!!

p.s.--i feel you so much on the 9 to 5 thing - it's a dream killer :/

:::Boy-Cott Magazine::: said...

Jessica - Jennifer does work hard and that's why I felt so compelled to give her work "proper" justice. This is only the beginning of what's to come! Thanks for commenting =)

Clyde - She's worth every penny sir!

Dutty - Thank you for all your contributions to Boy-Cott, it means a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview =)