Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Phunkwhatchaheard 1 yr. Anniversary & Dj NuMark in (Austin, TX! )

*I apologize for some of the grainy video footage and bright photo's. Kwest and we're having issue's with our camera.

So Kwestro and I headed out to Austin, TX on May 30th to check out the Phunkwhatchaheard 1 yr. anniversary party @ the Malverde and Dj Numark @ Barcelona. The first stop we made was on 6th st. to get some of that good ole' food cart sausage! Now don't hate, that sausage is off the chain fam. It'll have your mouth in a Seizure and beggin' for more! The next stop was this venue called Bayou that we always go to because of the $1 hurricane's. Yes I said $1 dollar hurricane's and only in Austin ya'll.

As we headed to the Malverde, Kwest and I realized that this is going to be a really long walk and quickly found a bike courier with one of those attached wagon seats and said f*ck it; "let's roll up to the spot in style"!

We entered the spot and there was ladies, ladies, and more ladies. It was a little warm, but the venue was nice, the ladies we're hot, and the music was good. So we kicked it, took photo's, filmed, flirted, and drank the night away. See below for the action:::

Around 12:45 Kwest and said our goodbye's to Jaekim, the ladies and flipped to Barcelona to catch Dj NuMark. Oh and Kwest was so excited about the ride from the bike courier on the way, he wanted to experience it again like a little kid... Haaaa....

We arrive at Barcelona and there was a line, but I knew it was going to be worth it. What's sad is some guy was complaining about paying the $5 cover. Seriouly....It's $5 F*CKING DOLLARS!! Dj NuMark is really worth $15 to see. :::Sigh::: Some people don't understand you have to pay for dope talent... Anyhow, Kwest and I enter Barcelona and it was JUMPIN!! Nu Mark had the crowd Oooing & Ahhhhing, Dancing & Drinking, it was just such a beautiful experience that I want to relive over and over and over.. Austin, TX I'll be back, and if you're always good to me, I might consider moving there.. Check the Highlights below::::

:::One Love:::

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