Sunday, June 28, 2009

FatMan Scoop live in Houston! (6-24-09)

I don't know if it was luck or conspiracy, but FatMan Scoop performed live in Houston on my birthday (6-24-09)! When I saw the flyer on I nearly fainted. As a hypeman and a avid party go'er, this was an experience I didn't want to miss.

I arrived @ Ecsobar around 10:30 to avoid any possible long lines. As I made my way in, I proceeded to check out all the ladies and as usual they we're looking lovely. DJ Rob G was on the 1's & 2's playing some classic and underground hip-hop to set the tone for the night which was lovely to hear from him. Usually in those commercial clubs the DJ's are restricted to commercial hip-hop only...

At midnight FatMan Scoop entered the building and let his presence be known to the fullest. He grabbed the mic and said the following: "A-Yo, this is looking like some straight up high school bullshit". I see the ladies on one side of the dance floor and the guys on other. So check it, I want all the guys to go to the bar, by a drink for a lady, ask her to dance, and let's get this thing crackin. Now ladies, just remember that one drink = 4 dances. Don't be shiesty, follow through. Instantly the ladies started to scream and fellas we're smiling.

Seeing Scoop live was so dope but the crowd was kinda weak. Honestly, I wish I could of seen him perform somewhere else like Chicago or New York with a stronger crowd. At 1:30 Scoop was done hyping the crowd and I got a chance to chop it up with him. Scoop and I spoke for 2 hrs. about the industry and how it's changed, and we spoke about some other things that I have to keep confidential. I gained A LOT of knowledge from Scoop and learned a lot about rockin' the crowd properly.

This was hands down the best birthday for me!

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