Friday, April 10, 2009

OVERACHIEVERS Clothing represents a New World Order of Fashion!

To anyone out there who appreciates clothing with a strong and legit message. I highly recommend you check out OVERACHIEVERS Clothing. Here's an e-mail from one of the staff members:


OVERACHIEVERS Clothing represents a New World Order of Fashion. Throughthe distinctive Afro-European culture of its designer, Malik Ohene,OA Clothing is soon to become the luxury fashion apparel of choice for trendsetters stateside and beyond. Unquestionably not your average street wear brand,OVERACHIEVERS promotes the crisp re-evolution of Trans Atlantic studiousness. We believe in self expression. OVERACHIEVER designs speak to the most precarious fashion aficionado through bold images,graphics, and undeniable statement compositions. Social AWARENESS,forward thinking, and ideologies of days past and present are intelligently captured in each collection to produce thought provoking presence that will do more than make our customers look good. Simply put,our clothes will enhance, intrigue, and advance the virtue of intelligence.

Our debut collection, War Child, is focused on bringing more awareness to the plight of child soldiers inAfrica, Afghanistan, Colombia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. To date, an estimated 300,000 child soldiers are currently fighting in conflicts around the world. These children participate in all aspects of warfare, serving as armed combatants, sex slaves,spies,messengers, minesweepers and even suicide bombers. A portion of all of our sales will help contribute to the following causes:

-Invisible Children (
-Child Soldiers (

OVERACHIEVERS Clothing was created for individuals who herald global street style. They are mindful of the world around them and are always favorably open for change. We are a communal fashion entity that encourages togetherness above race, age, sexuality, religious, or political beliefs.We understand that great design should be fun and entertaining; therefore we produce goods that sacrifice neither quality nor style. Straightforwardly put, OVERACHIEVERS strives toward limitless perfection.Our work is never done, yet our style is always complete!

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