Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brick City House Podcast | Episode 3 |

To all my people who love quality house music, well today is your lucky day. My homegirl Sista' Stroke is holdin' down the Chicago house scene and has started a house music podcast. Here's her e-mail:

This weeks episode is now available for download and, let me tell ya, its a beater!! It comes served-up and scrambled with the usual ingredients of love, a dash o' funk, more than a cup o' nastiness, and some damn good classics to sooth the soul.

Quick Reminder: Next week's Special Guest Decknician will be none other than Renny Constantine. If you're not in the know, this show will mos def see to it that you do. Join us as he brings us his delicious groove all the way from Bristol, England. Personally, I'm definitely looking very forward to this show.

Tune in every Wednesday, at 7pm GMT, to to catch my show, "Brick City House". Or, you can subscribe to my show via ITunes, or by going directly to my podcast page (listed below).

Tune in weekly, Mon - Sunday, to catch other tasty shows on Chicago House FM.

Thanks so much for your continued support in keepin' the bricks ((( shakin' )))!

Enjoy Music.

(p.s. please feel free to invite anyone to join us in our brick city house. ♥ )
Sista Stroke | Brick City House podcasts

- Sista

Sista Stroke | Givin' Groove' since '94

"Put Some Grit In It" (download the track) -
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