Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ila&i Jewelry (So Authentic Fam.)

Interested in very cultural & authentic jewelry and don't know where to find it? Well look no further, here's an e-mail from my boy Vikas at ila&i Jewelry:

Dear Friends & Family,

Many new things have happened at ila&i since we last spoke. To begin with we have kept the ila&i laboratory open late into the night putting the finishing touches on our new line. Our website is now updated&redesigned with a sampling from our new collections.

ila&i can now be found overseas in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, France, and the Caribbean. We have also made large strides in building a more sustainable approach to our design and fabrication. In the coming year we hope to use special processes that will significantly reduce our impact on the environment.

As a little hint to the future, ila&i will be introducing an entirely new line this year called ila&i47. There are many other experiments bubbling in our lab that has the ila&i family excited. Please stay tuned for more updates as our creations make it out of the laboratory.

It would be great to hear from you all!



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