Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bad is the New Good 4 (Fashion Show Recap) by: Black Mamba

Man oh man Shina Rae has done it again with another hawt fashion show. I walked in Deans and it was jumpin' from the get go. All the ladies were dolled up from head to toe! Matt from was taking photo's, DJ Grrrl Pants and Jeff CMO were killin' it on the wheels of steel with all the electro goodies you can handle. Kamera was the wonderful drunken host for the evening that kept everyone well entertained. Mic Skills and Fat Tony we're the hip-hop acts for the night along with some chick from St. Louis, and I was busy running around getting short vocal excerpts from the people in the place to be! The actual fashion show kicked off at midnight and the ladies we're working that runway as if there was a billion dollars on the line! You ladies and gents be sure to check out Bad is the New Good 5 this year at SXSW! IT'S GOING DAAAAAAAWWWNNN YO!!

Peep the Vocal Excerpts in the "Exclusive Interview" section and check out the photo's and videos below:

Bad is the New Good 4 (Fashion Show) from Black Mamba on Vimeo.

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