Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scion Hypeman 2009 Experience::

By: Black Mamba

Well, let me just start of by saying that I didn't win the competition, but I'm on Cloud Nine after the whole experience. First off the whole trip was free! I'm talking hotel, limo service, food, etc... Scion really knows how to take care of their people:) Big-Ups to them!

I arrived in Chicago Sunday, January 11th and man it was COLD! Imagine coming from 75 degrees to 11 degrees Fahrenheit. Yeah... it was no joke, but I was well prepared with my bubble jacket and thermals. Thank God! I end up staying at the Hilton Garden in a v.i.p. room, King Size bed, free net etc.....Again, I LOVE SCION!

Monday morning I head to the hotel lobby to meet the other hypemen and to make our way to the recording studio. When we arrived last year's Hypeman winner "FREAK NASTY" was in the building! This dude is 4" 11" but so so sick on the mic! As I continued to make my rounds I met Mad Skillz from Virgina, Ant Marshall, and World Famous DJ Clark Kent. I swear I felt like I was dreaming. I really look up to these kats.

Around 2:30 the competition started and I was second to go. The guy before me who was German was the least expected person to kill it, but you know how that goes....never doubt the underdog! Dude showed up in some fitted jeans, a fanny pack, a fitted shirt and absolutely paved the way. It's crazy b/c he was all super nice and proper talking to us before his perfomance. But when grabbed that mic and the cameras were rolling...phew. A BEAST CAME OUT!

So it was now my turn and I was focused and ready to rip. I did the short post interview and charged the stage strong and confident. The judges we're feeling me in the beginning, but as I continued they cut me off. Basically they said it seemed like I was thinking about what I was going to say next and I needed to come harder. At first I was a little shocked, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized they were right.

So, I took it like a man and decided this is a perfect oppurtunity for me to take the advice, go back to the lab, work on my hypeman craft more and get SUPA NASTY!

After it was all said and done I look back and realized I had the time of my life. So many connections were made, the city was awesome, the nightlife was on point, and I was blessed to be able to experience this.

p.s. If any of you want to come out to a Highly Energetic Party next friday, peep the flyer below:


Selah*Kumani said...

I applaud the way you took it like a man.. that's the sign of a real champion.. you ingested the critical to be better! Glad you enjoyed yourself.. Steady on the grind.. sk

:::Boy-Cott Magazine::: said...

Thank You Selah, I appreciate "u". Can't Stop - Won't Stop!! Holla - Holla!

Ahimsa said...

I'm sure Houston winter is nothing to you now that you're just in from Chi-town!

That goose feather jacket you found was a steal and i'm sure it kept you warm as hell.