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I've watched Fat Tony grow from a boy to man musically and mentally. He's constantly always trying to progress his style, sound and stage presence. My man Tony has a love for life, ladies, and constant progression. Ladies and Gents I present to you: The Fat Tony Interview:

1) What's current with you bruh?

What's good, Boy-COTT! Emphasis on the cott.. I recently released my latest mixtape which was graciously presented by Fly 68 clothing and the Tipping Point store in downtown Houston.

I got a debut full-length album recorded entitled RABDARGAB for release in '09, so I've been concocting new ideas for it & doing some fine tuning. Making sure the record has everything I want it to represent for Fat Tony (& the philosophy of rabdargab'n)! Also, been working with Smash Bro on our self-titled duo LP, The Bummy Teenagers.

Besides that its all been good times with loved ones, personal growth, staying inspired by my favorite artists, and dealing with the boredom's & annoyances of getting a gotdern college education in 2008 America.

2) I've noticed since you started playing shows at Walters on Washington, you've developed a party rocking-bug out hip-hop sound. What brought on the change?

Growing up, man. I'm pro-fun and anti-the self righteous nature often consuming underground rap guys that I was once accustomed to in the local scene and in national underground rap records. Hip Hop grew from the party and its my duty to make sure fans never forget what fun feels like.

I'm seeking to create something new in rap music. I wanna be respected as a song writer. Bitchin' about your genre in a song isn't art, you know? Trying to "bring back" an older style of Hip Hop ain't progressive, ya dig? And those are both things at a younger point in my life I thought were the real deal because it's the easy way out for rappers. Especially those in the less mainstream circles of Hip Hop. It stifles creativity and ultimately boxes you in and if I stand a chance to be relevant in pop music I cannot let myself be held back. I love life and enjoy writing introspectively about myself, but I never wanna let fans forget that its still "money, cash, hoes" and "party & bullshit" til the casket dips.

I wanna bring back the feelings of songs I loved in elementary/middle school. I was a much younger young boy than I am today and fell in love with Hip Hop through late 90s/early 2000s. Niggas used to go hard over crraaazzyy beats while flossin' beyond belief.... and I loved every second of it. I adored Diddy, Mase, Three 6 Mafia, UGK, Dipset, Outkast, Cash Money, Jay-Z, No Limit, Neptunes and Timbaland records back then because they were fun & exciting. They held true to the fantasy aspects of rap that make it compelling and bigger than life. I don't wanna be a rapper with the persona of the average guy anymore. I've got bigger visions than that and I wanna bless people with great records. I wanna bring back excitement for pop rap music while staying true to what I know is a genuine expression of myself.

3) How are the fans responding to your new mixtape -The Tipping Point Store + Fly 68 Presents.. FAT TONY and who's featured on it?
The responses have been good. Gotten some recognized blog write-ups and good reviews thus far!! Got hundreds of downloads in the first few hours of sending out the link to get it, and seeing that let me know I still had fans eagerly anticipating more. It really made me feel worthwhile cause I definitely don't do this shit only for myself. Its not worth it until masses of folks know my work whether they dig it or not.

The mixtape was recorded at D.R.U.M. Studios in the Midtown Art Center right here in Houston. Its not at all set up like a typical rapper mixtape. Its purely meant to entertain the whole way through instead of giving redundant raps on this week's hot new beat. I went in and picked CLASSICS for the non-original productions. Daft Punk, Three 6 Mafia, Prince, Neptuns... all kinda stuff.The mixtape was mostly concocted by myself, Smash Bro, YouGenious, and Jack Swain. Jack's a local producer that recorded the project and got a couple of his beats on the mixtape. YouGenious (the misfit of R&B as he's respectfully known) hosted it & threw in some of his humour as the announcer voice & narrator of the skits. Smash Bro worked with me the most on the CD and got himself spittin flames on a bunch of tracks. It also features raps from B L A C K I E, Supreeme, Chris Starz (Galactic Tactics), Chief & Domino (iLL Faded), and Dee Rail. On the original beats I got work from Hollywood Floss, Chris Rockaway, 808 Blake (SMKA), Dope Pope/Tom Cruz (Supreeme), June James, and DJ Dave Wrangler.

4) This question is for the ladies...How old are you and are you single? At your shows I see some of these older ladies checkin' you out playa!

Ladies, feel free to get at me in person. Don't let Black Mamba be the middleman if you wanna find out what I'm 'bout haha. I'm 20 going on 21 soon, so to the answer unasked question.... YES I am a "young, funky, fly boy" like the great Pimp C once described himself.

5) Earlier this year you performed at SXSW, how was that experience?

A learning experience. I played a bunch of shows and had a blast! I went to a big party at an artsy theater space that cops were sent to shut it down, but they ended up being some cool ass dudes to hang out with & taking pics with. I attended a boat party that showed me there's really no rules when your out in the vast waters of Austin TX, and met tons of folks passionate about their work.

6) When you're about to write a new song, what's going through your head?

1st things that come to mind are flow and melody. The melody's gotta be on point because I aim all about memorable melodic aspects in my music whenever applicable to the beat. The appeal of catchiness in a tune is vital for me in my favorite songs so I have to incorporate that. My goal is to be everything I'd want my favorite rapper to be in a song. The flow's gotta be snappin' so folks remember what I'm spittin'. The patterns of a flow is what makes bars unforgettable & hooky.

7) How far do you plan to take your music?

As far as this world will bless me with 'til I part with my life.

8) Who would you like to thank?

BOY-COTT for holdin' down coverage on Houston's hip hop scene. We need locals like y'all to support and document what goes on!! I thank you for conducting this interview. And I thank every one that's kept up with my music over the years, and those new to me that are entertained by what I do. This business is nothing without fans.

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