Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Crew 54 Interview:::

These Killeen, TX MC's are making big moves these days from their reality show, to opening up for acts such as Bun B, Yarah Bravo, and Prince Paul just to name few. Crew 54 (G-Christ and M.O.S.) are always in the independent hip-hop scene in Austin showing love to all the other upcoming artist, even when they don't show love back....If that's not real, then I don't know what is. So, if you haven't heard of Crew 54, check out their myspace page:

Enjoy the interview:::

1) How's the Crew 54 reality show coming?

M.O.S: It's going strong, almost to the end of the year, getting ready for the Year In Review episode. Its dope cuz its getting us alot of access to new things, and serving as a platform for new jump offs.

G-Christ: Like mos said it's great! We've had alot of doors opened for us that weren't before.

2) When is Blue Rain or Son God Yamaha going to make an appearance? Haaaa!

M.O.S: In fact Blue Rain just got a request for a collab/feature earlier. Blue Rain - Gonna Make You Wet coming April 09!

G-Christ: Haaa! yeah Blue Rain 09' bishes lol! Blue Rain & Lil Moses EP coming soon!

3) How's the progression with the fans been since beaters and babies till the drop of aggressive soul?

M.O.S: It's been a steady growth process. Our music is elevating while still maintaining that Crew54 vibe, and the we've been able to spread our music to a larger base with each release.

G-Christ: Everything been going well, we are definitely starting to reach more and more folks everyday. This upcoming year should be real interesting. Should be traveling a little more next year.

4)How was your recent show with the Table Manners Crew?

M.O.S: It was crazy had bitches doing the stanky leg, Ricky Bobby and all that. Oh wait, naw that's not how it went down at all. On the real it was a dope night, always is with that crew. Plenty of people dancing, some drunk chick freestyling all night, and hating on Avi's hat game. Plus C-Hova danced so hard her legs hurt for days, that's the measure of a good night.

G-Christ: Plush is always nice. The TMC always show love, every time we have an event there, it's wild.

5) Do you guys have a new album or some singles in the works?

M.O.S: We're working on this Crew Deep Mixtape that's gonna be dope. Got a banger in the works produced by Mr. Kwestro himself, also with plenty of collabs. Just trying to keep hitting folks with good music.

G-Christ: Yeah, we have the mixtape dropping and we have been working with the fam Keelay and Zaire on our EP coming next year. We are picking up speed in 09 for sure.

6) Now that you guys have got multiple hustles. Do you have any people in your hometown on your jocks and if so, how do you feel about that?

M.O.S: We had one cat that found out about what we do (videos, blogs) and thought it was his come up moment on free videos and what not, but fuck all of that. Mainly we've been building with some cool folks, cats on that bullshit will eventually fall off so its nothing to worry about it.
G-Christ: A few folks jumping, but like mos said it's mostly what they can get. We have done some hot music with the boy bashwon. He's a dope MC. We just continue to build with the real folks.

7) What else does the Crew like to do besides music?

M.O.S: Well, in my free time I like long walks in the park, playing the flute in coffee shops, and re-enacting select scenes from Next Friday for the children. I mean it's all about living a full life. haha

G-Christ: Trying to avoid being corrupted by Mos and C-Hova lol! Naw besides eating wangs lol! I'm on my NCAA basketball 09 right now, and of course just getting my single on. You know how that is.

8) What are your plans for the future?

M.O.S: Make every year better than the last man, period! I'm in the gym tryna' go busta rhymes on y'all hoes lol! I ain't eating babies though.

G-Christ: Better songs, better albums, better blogs, better videos, in fact look out for DOOKIE VIZION PRODUCTIONS in 09.

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