Sunday, December 21, 2008

Artform Radio Show (Houston, TX)

Here in Houston there's always something brewing in independent radio and I happened to find " The Artform Radio Show". Selah Kumani of the show was nice enough to answers some questions from me. Enjoy::::

1) What is Artform Radio and who does it consist of? The ArtForm Radio Show is a web based radio program based in Houston, TX hosted by Scef (a hip hop and spoken word artist) and Selah*Kumani (a singer and spoken word artist) that showcase independent artists.. singers, songwriters, spoken word as well as visual artists and writers. Our focus is purely independent artists. We wish to rotate independent artists and their works in the same way that mainstream promotes mainstream artists.

2) Who have you had on the show?

A very diverse group of artists:
-Singer/Songwriter Wendy Colonna (Austin, TX)
-Singer/Songwriter Joe Lee McCoy (TX)
-Singer/Songwriter Caretta Bell (Houston, -TX)
-Singer/Songwriter Suzanna Choffel (Austin, TX)
-Singer/Songwriter Sparlha -Swa (New York, NY)
- Spoken Word Artists Joe B (Austin, TX)
-Spoken Word -Artist/Promoter Love Robinson (Austin, TX )
-Writer Patricia Ann Jordan (Los -Angeles, CA) Graphic Artist Jamacia Johnson (Oklahoma City, OK)

3) Do you ladies and gents plan to have any upcoming community based events?
Yes, it is in the works to produce local events to showcase independent artists.

4) When was the show established?
January, 2008

5) What's the website link to the show

6) Have you reached anyone outside of Houston?

Yes, but the majority of our artists thus far have been from Texas

7) What describes an Artform to you?

An ArtForm.. is anything that your creativity is poured into and something of merit is produced from it. Mathematics is art, just as much as writing a song is... you pour into it and a solution comes out.

8) What are the future plans for Artform radio?

We want to have a video component to accentuate the radio show. We would also like to reach a broader audience. We believe there are one million people waiting to hear us.. that's what we're striving for... the million to hear all the talented people out here grinding it out to produce their art.

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