Monday, November 24, 2008

The Q-Tip Show!

By: Black Mamba

This week should have been named Hip-Hop Legends and Beyond because this thanksgiving we have a lot to be thankful for. Houston, TX, we just seriously had Black Sheep, Nice and Smooth, Method Man and Redman, Q-Tip, The Cool Kids and The Knux in one WEEK! I'm still nodding my head from all the madness. If any of you missed out...Well, "shame on you" because you missed a part of hip-hop history.

So, lets get right to the matter at hand. The Q-Tip show was a wonderful way to spend a friday night. I walked in the building and I saw 2k sports promoting NBA 2K9 with 4 gaming booth's set up, huge roll down screens on the stage with live video feed of the audience, a "whole bunch of hipsters of all walks of life rocking those ankle hugger jeans and some Grown Folks". This seems to be the new thing at underground hip-hop shows, putting a "new school hip-hop act in front of a old school hip-hop act" to bring the young and older together.

The Knux was the first act to take the stage and they came out with some new school SW1's, a little Public Enemy influence. Nice-Nice:) They had the crowd buggin' out to their hit tracks: Bang Bang and Cappuccino, but after that their set became really monotonous....

When "The Cool Kids" took the stage, teen bop magazine, and their 5 million loyal followers sprinted aimlessly to the front. Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks had those youngins' in a frenzy!!! I aint gonna lie, those dudes did the damn thing, they even had Bun B gettin krunk next to bar. The played Black Mags, I'm Mikey, 88' and Bassment to name a few. Oh and I almost forgot, they invited some people on stage to do the "STANKY LEG". Yeah...Check the video below for that live' effect. Haaa...These new dances trip me out.





Phew....When Q-Tip, his live band, and DJ Scratch touched the stage, you might as well called the fire department because my man Q-Tip was on fire! He had us drenched in sweat, screaming, and falling out from beginning to end. He started out with the following cuts from his new album called "The Renaissance": Believe, You, Johnny's Dead, and Fever. You could tell that only a small portion of the crowd has bought his new album. When Q-Tip dropped is classic shit from amplified, and midnight marauders, OOOOOOOO WEEEEEE DYNOMITE! That's when complete pandomonium broke throughout the buildin! You had people near the bar losing it, people in the v.i.p, and even people in the restrooms. Then their was DJ Scratch from e.p.m.d. throwing down a sick ass set to keep the party going. Scratch was juggling, scratching, making the songs talk to each other and he even "Rocked the cross-fader with his LIPS"! No Bullshit. To make things even more on edge he took off his shirt while continuing scratching! It was unbelievable to say the least. When he finished his set Q-Tip got on the mic back stage and said: Damn Scratch, can I even come back on stage? Haaa... Q-Tip came back out and busted out the Jesus fish tamboree and went to work, then he started rockin' with the band on the MPC, then he started doing every old school dance of the golden era! This is the first time I have ever seen a MC do soo much in a live show. The man is so multiply talented it's unreal. Tip ended the night rockin' the Tribe classic: Award Tour and he made sure everyone was involved. Tip was literally face to face with different sections of the crowd putting the mic in their faces and letting them sing the lyrics. Wow......Everyone left the show uplifted and ready for more!




One of the Highlights of the Night: DJ OakCliff a.k.a. Mr. Tibbs busting out all the Tribe Called Quest cassette's , and Q-Tip Amplied cassette ! Peep the pic:

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