Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Paint The Nation Tour! (Atmosphere, Abstract Rude, BluePrint, and DJ Rare Groove)

Atmophere has a lot and I mean a lot of pull in the indie hip-hop community. The show at warehouse live was sold out a month in ADVANCE! The night started out with DJ Rare Groove choppin' up some new underground joints on the wheels of steel which was lovely compared to the past underground hip-hop shows I've been to. You know how it is, they usually have some wack-ass mobile DJ that can bearly operate the cd player and on top of that he or she picks "HORRIBLE" songs that put you in that deep coma......Next up to bat was Blueprint and he held it down with some of his classic's such as: Big Girls Need Love Too, and Tramp. Print did his thing, but the party got jumpin' when my boy Abstract Rude blessed the mic. Ab came out rocking the crowd with some sick ass instrumentals, high energy, and freestyle's . Ab did some of the eyes wide shuttish tracks, some tracks off the upcoming album Dear Abby, and he put on one hell of a show. Ab even't let me Qenetic and I get hype on stage. I (Mamba) was breaking and Qenetic was jumping around like a kid on the playground. Being on that stage with Ab was nothing short of dope! Then the man of the evening Atmophere came out and the tiny bopper, hipster chicks, and groupies came blazing to the stage like race horses out the gate! No sarcasm here ladies and gents, complete pandemonium! Atmophere's set was a bit darker than usual, but I guess that's new direction he's going for. His set was good and I enjoyed the soul singer Mankwe, but the highlight of it was the freestyle cypher with him and everyone on the tour. You can never go wrong when you have dope mc's ripping the mic like there's no tommorrow. Peep the pics::::

*The Last Five Photo's are courtesy of Jackie Davis*.

If your interested any of these artist music here's their myspace pages:

Abstract Rude-

Mankwe (Atmoshere's Soul Singer)-


DJ Rare Groove-


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